While we've grown over the years from the small dairy in Dalsland, Sweden into a global  producer for consumers in Europe, North America, and Asia, we remain true to the artisanal tradition of quality products crafted with pride in our family name. Whether you're enjoying one of our Pioneer, LantChips, or Jebediah's Gold brands or the private label products we produce for various international companies, we hope you'll always taste the love and dream that inspired us to begin our journey. 

The Making of the Family Business

​But the adventure was not over for us. We stuck to our guns, and my young brother-in-law Robert started selling in Stockholm. Then things started to get going – he drove around in his old Ford and got to know every single shop owner in town. What a guy! Just 20 years old, and with no sales experience. Maybe it was precisely because of that, his being inexperienced but reliable – and a nice person: he won the shops’ trust, and has since become the rock the rest of us in the company have been able to rely on when times have got tough. Robert has always been resilient, a strong, friendly and inspiring leader, and has for the past ten years been the quintessential, excellent CEO that every company would wish they had.

Below is a video from the plant in Sweden, where it all began!

As the son of a small business owner, I knew the advantages and disadvantages of becoming self-employed, leaving the secure existence of being an employee and investing all of your earthly assets as equity to start a company and borrow money from the bank. Failure would lead to large debts that would cost us our future. Yet the project was not as crazy as it might sound. We wanted to work together and be near our children, and at the same time to give them an understanding of how important it is to work hard.”

How it began

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Åmål in Sweden

This was where our Journey began!

So, how is a Potato chip made?

​A disused dairy in the Swedish countryside was the starting point of our adventure and our journey to take our place among the crisp giants. What the giants had done we decided to do differently; we did our manufacturing by hand, and the products were crispier, were more golden and had more flavour than industrially manufactured crisps. We kept the starch in our crisps, and our flavoured varieties contained pure and natural spices.  The shops said ‘no thanks’, and probably thought we were a rather odd outfit that was introducing itself.

For many years now, we have produced hand-crafted potato chips, a premium alternative to the mainstream product.  The business plan was made around the dinner table by my parents, Michael and Signhild. They had just realized that their life would be changed forever; a few years earlier my older brother had been born with disabilities. My father and mother soon understood that they had to leave their careers, where scheduled work hours and much traveling, just wasn’t possible while giving my brother the attention he needed to best meet the world. This striving to achieve balance between work and family, a struggle that many families are too familiar with, created “LantChips”, the premium European brand of chips. After many challenges, but also proud successes, the brand has become well recognized in Europe. We, like the Pioneers of old, felt the desire to explore the West, which is where the journey of the family now took us. We hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labor and journey, here represented by our Pioneer Chips!